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Sparking enthusiasm for tech at the AEROSPACE LAB

This center for youth research wants to get students from different schools interested in technology and sciences in the long term. Without the pressure of being graded they can experiment by themselves and discover the world of technology and natural sciences. Under professional guidance the students have the opportunity to take part in technical projects as well as collaborations with universities, research institutes and industry. The results can be presented at trade fairs, conferences and competitions.

In order to win over girls and young women to get into STEM professions we offer robotics projects especially for girls, the Girls Robotics Teams.



We get young students of primary and secondary schools excited about:

  • Engineering and sciences
  • Learning by doing and collecting experience
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Presentation and marketing
  • Entry of a physical education or studies

We offer our tutors

  • Didactical and pedagogical enhancements
  • Supervision and feedback



The values of AEROSPACE LAB are based on five guiding principles.

Holistic Approach

  • Enthusiasm for technology and self-development;
  • Learning on both sides -students as well as tutors.


  • Motivating students via inspiring topics such as aviation and astronautics.


  • Systematic cooperation with regional schools, scientific facilities, Universities, as well as industries.


  • Identification and conceptual thinking around the subject of aviation and astronautics.
  • Close collaboration and interaction with the aviation and astronautics community.


  • Thinking out of the box, over and above the typical topics around aviation and astronautics.



With age-relevant experiments we encourage children to get to know and experience the fascinating world of science. The primary school students (eight and nine years old) are instructed by senior experts as well as experienced older students and scholars.

Under the motto “Wasser ist nicht nur flüssig und Luft ist mehr als nichts” , meaning „Water is not only liquid and air is more than nothing” the students are introduced to scientific phenomens in a playful way.

As an example we observe flying in nature and experience and learn the basic principles of flying. The introduction to the world of flying is exemplified by creating small aircrafts which are either unpowered and made to glide or equipped with a propeller drive. In addition, hot air is also used as a natural boost. The highlight of the entire project is the manufacturing of an air-water rocket!


With our so-called “core projects” we encourage teenagers and youths to further explore the enticing world of science.
Under the supervision of older students, scholars, Ph. D. students, teachers as well as acknowledged experts from the economy, secondary school students have the possibility to collaborate and take part in projects in cooperation with universities as well as research establishments or industrial companies.
The outcome can proudly be presented at fairs, conferences or at the “Tag der offenen Tür”. This is when AEROSPACE LAB opens its doors to the public and typically takes place on an annual basis. We also participate in well-known competitions such as “Jugend forscht” which is specially designed to support and promote young and talented people.

Meanwhile the AEROSPACE LAB has several core-projects



 Thomas Reiter
Astronaut and ESA director for manned spaceflight

As early as possible we like to introduce children and youngsters to technology which is done playfully via experiments. We also try to make the link between topics they have learnt at school and the beauty of fascinating experiments.

Therefore, the Aerospace Lab is the ideal environment for linking interested youngsters with the versatile world of technology, as well as the experience of the instructing scientists. I am certain that the fascination of aerospace will provoke the aspiration of the young and with that the Motivation and enthusiasm for technology and applied sciences.

Thomas Sprißler
Mayor of Herrenberg

With  AEROSPACE LAB we contribute to the sustainability of our industrial and business location. Engineers, scientists, and other very diligent people, also referred to locally as “schwäbische Tüftler” have made the Stuttgart region one of the top technology regions in Europe. Herrenberg has established itself as one of the main multi -national technology hubs, and has earned the well deserved reputation of being a high-tech habitat within the region. We need to ensure that we capitalize on this reputation by enlisting  and motivating the up and coming scientists to counteract the ever increasing manpower shortage in the  technology based branch. Here is where AEROSPACE LAB can really contribute.



  • Hans-Joachim Drocur, Chairman
  • Thomas Sprißler, Mayor of Herrenberg, Vice Chairman
  • Prof. Dr. Heinz Voggenreiter, Director DLR, Vice Chairman



Managing Operational Director 
Sieglinde Berger, Operational Management

Managing Technical Director
Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Kraus, Technical Management

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